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hands4hope club Project 2023-24

Hands4Hope Oak Ridge Empower is hosting a drive!! From April 22 to 26, our Hands4Hope Empower Club of Oak Ridge High School is hosting Burns and Bites - Sunscreen and Bug Spray Drive. This drive is a collection for sunscreen and bug spray and will take place on campus. All items are going to support the Upper Room Dining Hall in Placerville, which serves meals and provides services to people experiencing food and housing insecurity. Sunscreen and bug spray would allow those living outside to have a more tolerable summer. The donation bins will be by the front office. Please come by and support the cause!  

We are also accepting direct donations of sunscreen and bug spray through an Amazon wish list, making it easier than ever to contribute to this effort! Or, you can simply make a financial donation and we'll do the shopping for you. 

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