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Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference

seasonal COMMITTEEs

Hands4Hope hosts five seasonal committees annually to support local community partners in filling unmet needs in the community. 

Each seasonal committee is lead by a team of youth who, with the help of adult mentors are responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of their seasonal event. 

Seasonal committees include: 

  1. School Supply

  2. Kids Zone

  3. Fall Festival

  4. Winter Boutique 

  5. Ryan Christopher Hersh


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Meeting Locations Vary Depending on the Committee 
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hands4hope youth making a difference sch
Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference

seasonal committees


School Supply Drive

Benefitting Children in Need in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties

The School Supply Committee is now forming and will start meeting in early May thru early August. Participants will work with local businesses and organizations to collect donations for the upcoming school year. This committee is open to youth going into 7th grade or higher in the 2021 - 2022 school year and entirely youth-led (with the help of adult mentors). Committee participants will develop advertising, market for and host the Hands4Hope 7th annual School Supply Drive, as well as the annual  School Supply Distribution Day to benefit students in need. The School Supply Distribution Day will be held at Schnell School on Friday August 6th, 2021


Winter Boutique 

Benefitting Children in Need in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties

Winter Boutique Committee participants plan, advertise, set up, and volunteer for Hands4Hope’s annual Winter Boutique in El Dorado Hills. The committee will work together to create a fun and magical boutique-like shop. The committee will select a theme, décor and design how the space will be laid out. This event is where many local foster families and families experiencing hardship come to “shop” for warm clothes, shoes, and blankets. This committee will be a short term commitment from mid September through mid-December, meeting 2 times a month or more, depending on projects.



Benefitting Local Youth who Need Support to Attend Summer Camp

 Ryan Christopher Hersh was an active participant with Hands4Hope and the goal of this scholarship is to continue his legacy by giving youth with limited means the opportunity to attend a summer camp in which they will be able to further develop an interest or skill. This committee starts to meet in February each year and is composed of youth in middle school and high school from El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. Members of this committee will be responsible for determining criteria for scholarships, creating and distributing the RCH Scholarship Application, marketing the scholarship program, reviewing completed applications, and awarding scholarships, while managing the program budget.


The Kids Zone

Benefitting Hands4Hope Education
& Community Engagement Programs

Short Description


Fall Festival

Benefitting Hands4Hope Education & Community Engagement Programs

The project team for this fundraising event will be organized to replicate  a functioning event planning/

production company with the end product being an entertaining, fun, and family friendly Fall Festival (think Apple Hill in El Dorado Hills). The goals for this project are to raise funds, build leadership skills, and have fun. Youth leaders will be in charge of each subcommittee. Each subcommittee will be in charge of and responsible for a different part of the project. Subcommittees will be made up of students in middle school and higher from El Dorado & Sacramento Counties, and each will have at least one adult mentor. Subcommittee choices are: Operations & Finance, Games & Activities, Marketing & Fundraising, and Volunteer Management. This committee will meet June thru early October.