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Youth Spotlight: 2023-2024 Middle School Club Leaders

Join us in congratulating and supporting the elected leadership of Hands4Hope On-Campus Middle School Clubs! They will have the important jobs of engaging their club members and working together toward a rewarding year-long service-learning club experience.

President - Emily Eastwood

Vice President - Lucas Kavert

Secretary - Hank Caruthers

Treasurer - OPEN

PR Coordinator - Lili Cardenas

President - Clara Noriega

Vice President - Chinmay Tatikonda

Secretary - Bella Chang

Treasurer - Sanvi Omkar

PR Coordinator - Quinn Brown

President - Taylor Donahue

Vice President - Jeffrey Hash

Secretary - Emmerson Weidert

Treasurer - Anna Hash

PR Coordinator - OPEN

President - Sophia Thomas

Vice President - Marcos Cuevas Lopez

Secretary - OPEN

Treasurer - OPEN

PR Coordinator - OPEN

President - Amanda Chung

Vice President - Brody Roulet

Secretary - Kenna Edwards

Treasurer - Leighton Parkhurst

PR Coordinator - Olivia Hunt

President - Ari Phillips

Vice President - Avanti Ramamoorthy

Secretary - Caitlin Pham

Treasurer - Ethan Xiong

PR Coordinator - Raman Sethi

President - Adi Laufer

Vice President - Samara Shaheen

Secretary - OPEN

Treasurer - Raegan Kucserka

PR Coordinator - Siena Rahn

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