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Announcing 2023-2024 Youth Board Executive Committee

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference Youth Board is the youth advisory board for Hands4Hope. They ensure that the youth voice leads the way when making decisions related to new volunteer and community engagement opportunities. In addition, the Youth Board provides the platform for youth leaders across schools to network and share information. They also work collaboratively to lead Youth Board meetings and events, plan and facilitate leadership camps, retreats and other leadership workshops, and represent Hands4Hope in the community through public speaking engagements. Finally, the Youth Board selects a nonprofit to support with an annual fundraiser held each spring.

The Youth Board is comprised of all presidents, vice presidents, chairs and vice chairs from each club and committee in the Hands4Hope Education Program. In total there are typically 30 youth who sit on the Youth Board. The Youth Board is led by the Youth Board Executive Committee which includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Coordinator and three Hands4Hope Community Engagement Ambassadors - one each for El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Placerville.

Mishti Shah, Hands4Hope Youth Board President

& Marketing Committee Event Chair

My name is Mishti Shah and I am a senior at Oak Ridge High School! I have been an active participant in Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference for almost 5 years now and currently hold several leadership roles. I am the incoming Youth Board president, on the Marketing Committee, serving as Chair of Marketing and Communications for the Fall Festival, and Vice President of Sunshine4Seniors. Communication is one of my top 5 strengths, which has helped me provide successful peer leadership by keeping everyone informed. My hobbies include dance, shopping, and fashion. I am driven to help my community fill unmet needs because I recognize my privilege and feel a sense of responsibility to give back.

My goal for the Youth Board this year is to ensure that we achieve our full potential and carry out a successful project! I am so excited to be a part of this group and to get to know new members better!

Chloe Diess, Hands4Hope Youth Board Vice President

Union Mine Club President & School Supply Drive Chair

Hi, I am Chloe Deiss and I will be a senior at Union Mine High School. I have been in Hands4Hope-Youth Making A Difference since 2019 and in the upcoming year I will be the president of the Union Mine club and vice president for the Youth Board. One of my top strengths that I have discovered from being in Hands4Hope is that I always look back on the past and learn from it. Before starting something new, I will look at the past and see what worked well and what did not. By doing this I am able to continue things that are successful and change things that were not as successful. Outside of Hands4Hope, some hobbies of mine include cooking and baking, gardening and horticulture, reading, and hanging out with my two little brothers. My inspiration to fill unmet needs in my community is how I am able to see the impact I am making. I had this wonderful moment where a little girl came to me and said that we (Hands4Hope) are the people that help her and her family get warm blankets in the winter. From that moment on I was even further inspired to participate more in Hands4Hope to help members of my community.

My hope for the Youth Board this year is we are able to build relationships and bond with each other while helping meet the needs of our community.

Mia George, Hands4Hope Youth Board Treasurer

& Folsom High School Club Vice President

Hi my name is Mia George and I am an incoming junior at Folsom High School. I have been involved in Hands4Hope for a year and my leadership roles for the upcoming school year are vice president for the Folsom High School Hands4Hope Club and treasurer for the Hands4Hope Youth Board. One of my top 5 Gallup strengths is being restorative. I believe this strength helps me provide successful peer leadership, as it means I can not only identify a problem that arises but I can also take necessary steps to figure out how to resolve it. I pride myself on this quality because I see every mistake as a lesson rather than a failure - I see it as an opportunity for a better future rather than a faulty past. Putting that aside, my favorite hobbies include playing volleyball, going to outings, watching a good movie/tv show, reading, and simply hanging out with my friends. What inspires me to be involved in helping fill unmet needs in my community is the fact that I wholeheartedly believe you are the change you wish to see in the world.

Last but not least, my hope for the Youth Board this year is to have the biggest impact on our communities we’ve seen since 2008!!

Navy Morrison, Hands4Hope Youth Board Secretary

ASPIRE Outfitters co-chair & Oak Ridge Inspire Club Vice President

My name is Navy Morrison and I am an incoming senior at Oak Ridge High School. I have been volunteering with Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference for two years. During this time I have held several leadership roles within Hands4Hope committees and currently I am the Co-Chair of ASPIRE Outfitters and the Vice President of the Oak Ridge Inspire Club. One of my favorite aspects of Hands4Hope leadership is the focus on individual strengths. With the help of this organization I have identified one of my top strengths as positivity. This skill helps me enter teamwork scenarios with a lighthearted attitude and high energy. I find this extremely important as teamwork necessitates everyone be ready and willing to make suggestions and positivity is vital to create that environment. My interests mainly include activities to do with friends, my favorites are swimming and shopping. I have always been really passionate about helping others in my community. I grew up in San Francisco and being surrounded with such an acute homelessness crisis, I quickly became aware that volunteering is a necessity, not simply a moral act.

I hope that by serving on the Hands4Hope Youth Board Executive Committee I can learn more skills to support needs in my community that will no doubt be vital throughout my life.

Lily Hinkle, Hands4Hope Youth Board Public Relations Coordinator

& Ponderosa High School Vice President

Hi! My name is Lily Hinkle and I am a sophomore at Ponderosa High School. This is going to be my fifth year as a Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference participant. I am the Ponderosa Hands4Hope Club Vice President, as well as the Youth Board Public Relations Coordinator. One of my top 5 Gallup strengths is Includer. This strength helps me to notice others who may feel like they are not important, and help give them a voice. I always try to include everyone and make them feel welcome. Outside of Hands4Hope, I enjoy playing the piano, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Personally, I am inspired to help the community because I believe everyone and everything should have an equal chance in life. Those less fortunate may not have the same opportunities that others do. Through Hands4Hope those individuals have the chance to be a part of and do great things.

This year, my hope for the Youth Board is to not only have a successful year and event, but to raise awareness and help as many people in our community as we can.

Tarika Kahlon, Hands4Hope El Dorado Hills Community Engagement Ambassador

& Concessions Manager for the Kids Zone Committee

Hi, my name is Tarika Kahlon and I am a senior at Oak Ridge High School! I started Hands4Hope in eighth grade, so this is my fifth year being involved. I am currently the El Dorado Hills Community Engagement Ambassador, as well as Co-Chair of the ASPIRE Outfitters Committee. My top strength that I have discovered through Hands4Hope is Individualization. This strength allows me to see the unique qualities of each person, helping me figure out how different people can work together productively in a team setting. Some of my hobbies outside of Hands4Hope include going to the gym, playing sports with friends, and spending time outdoors. Through being in Hands4Hope, I’ve become more inspired to fill unmet needs in my community after seeing how much of a difference that donating my time can make towards changing lives.

My hope for the Youth Board’s 2023-2024 year is to create an impactful project which leaves a legacy on Hands4Hope for years to come!

Evan Suneson, Hands4Hope Folsom Community Engagement Ambassador

& Ryan Christopher Hersh Scholarship Committee Chair

Hi, I am Evan Suneson and I’m a junior at Vista del Lago High School. I started Hands4Hope my freshman year, so this is my third year with the youth-driven organization. I currently serve as the Folsom Community Engagement Ambassador. One of my Top 5 Strengths that I've discovered through Hands4Hope leadership is Discipline. This strength describes me well. I enjoy routine and structure that help me achieve my goals. Moreover, I am excited to bring my ability to focus and stay on task to Hands4Hope. When I am not busy with Hands4Hope, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and playing football for my high school’s team - Go Eagles! I enjoy helping underserved communities and making a difference in other people's lives.

My hope for the Youth Board’s upcoming year is to make our organization even more efficient in serving our community.

Sarahi Lopez, Hands4Hope Placerville Community Engagement Ambassador

& El Dorado High School Club President

Hello, my name is Sarahi Lopez-Pliego and I am a junior at El Dorado High School. I have been a youth participant in Hands4Hope-Youth Making A Difference for a year and I have been the treasurer of the El Dorado High School Club and am the incoming president and the Placerville Community Engagement Ambassador. One of my Top 5 Strengths I’ve discovered while being with Hands4Hope is an Includer. I strive to make others feel accepted and never let anyone feel left out. Some of my favorite interests/hobbies right now are biking, crafting, and spending time with my friends and family. What inspires me to help fill unmet needs in my community are my parents, who have always pushed me to have an open heart and to assist others who need it.

My hope for the Youth Board’s upcoming year is to continue reaching out a helping hand for my flourishing community.


Stay updated about what the Youth Board Executive Committee is up to, and support their annual fundraiser, by visiting their web page.

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